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Welcome to Kaushal Industries  

Welcome to The Kaushal Industries Candle Company, bit more than just a webstore, also a candle making resource,brought to you from the heart of the Kaushal Industries Broads.    Our Candles, Candlemaking materials ,accessories and giftware, are offered at affordable prices, we believe Luxury should be affordable and aim to provide quality products, which can be given reliably as a gift to your friends and family, but at sensible prices.

If you cannot find what you want on this site, if you have a favourite candle or wax melt fragrance, that is not listed, please contact us and we will endeavour to add it for you.Please Note For our Candle ranges, we try to manufacture to every order if we can, so if you want something special, please allow plenty of time and at least 14 days. For those just embarking on their venture into candle making, we have included some tips and information of "How To" , information on "What not to do" and hopefully giving an insight into how to make your first candle, along with the  opportunity to purchase, your candlemaking supplies and materials from our attached webstore.